Affordable fashion trend- The Plaid Blazer

February 8, 2020

I'm Joey, the creator & founder of Beach House for Six. I believe your home should be beautiful, approachable & a true reflection of your family. 

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I am loving my plaid blazer this season and even better I love the price! I love designer clothes don’t get me wrong but when I can find the same thing for a lot less I am not ashamed to do so. This Madewell double-breasted blazer pictured is super cute but sells for a whopping $158 verses this blazer pictured to the right for $36. If you don’t like this one that’s okay they have a ton of cute styles just as affordable. Click here to check them out!

Madewell knock-off

LookbookStore Women’s Casual Black Check Plaid Loose Buttons Work Office Blazer Long Jacket Suits Size L US 10 12

How I styled this:

Here I am pictured below rocking my blazer and no not too old for this look. It works for any age or size. Browsing through my local deal store (Ross for less yes) and saw this hanging in the racks. I quickly shot a pic and sent it to Em as I am always running my clothing finds by her to see if I’m keeping within my parameters for style over 40 haha!. She immediately responded yes!

Jo is wearing Level 99 jeans Dahlia flare, a Lucky navy tunic tucked in, black tall boots, and a white and black blazer. Click on the images below to shop this look.

I am so glad I got this blazer, it’s not only affordable but versatile. This one isn’t available but I have provided a link to another one I think is similar and really cute.

These jeans I love!! I’m going to have to be honest again they were a thrift find and I only paid $10 bucks for them but Ill link them here just in case you can’t find another option.

The sweater is, in fact, the lucky sweater I linked and I opted for two different style boots in case you wanted some good ole Dr. Scholls. I personally would go for the snakeskin version but also don’t like my feet killing me! I bought Em a brown one she paired with a knee-length skirt and her patent leather shoes..adorable for a younger look and option!

Hope we have given you some great ideas and option for some cute outfits that are affordable without sacrificing style!

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Happy Shopping!


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