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February 7, 2020

I'm Joey, the creator & founder of Beach House for Six. I believe your home should be beautiful, approachable & a true reflection of your family. 

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In every sense of the word when I say minimal I’m not just thinking simple and fewer clothes but minimal cost. Clothes today can be so expensive and while I appreciate a nice pair of leather shoes there are definitely ways we can scale down the budget and implement some minimalist strategies in our shopping. I have sourced two outfits below that can be interchangeable, simple, comfortable, and budget-friendly. They are versatile and fun whether you’re going on a lunch date or shopping with friends. I love the feminine midi skirt and it’s so budget-friendly you can opt for multiple colors on this one. A casual day at the beach or something easy to pull on when the weather warms up. Dress them up with these Sam Edelman heels on super sale or dress it down with the leopard flats paired below. However, you rock this, it’s feminine and interchangeable and compliments your simple minimalist style. Check it out below!

wenseny Womens Floral Skirts Knee Length Pencil Skirts High Waist Midi Bodycon Drawstring Daily Dresses Blue Floral M

My favorite 2020 sandal

These leopard flats are my absolute go-to shoes. Living here near the beach I am able to get away with this look year-round, not just springtime. They are budget-friendly and so comfy I find excuses to wear them almost every day and easily interchange between outfits. Pair them with a matching belt and they can be so versatile, even some shorts and a white T works!

The shirt and jacket are no longer available but I’ll provide some links to similar items.

The jeans I have had for a while and are from Gap (boyfriend jean). I did find a pair of Lucky on sale that I listed below that looks almost exact!

Lastly, the sweater I have linked should be perfect for those breezy spring days without being too hot…Click on the images to be directed to the link.

Plaid is all the rage click here to shop this image:

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