Master Bedroom Reveal

June 24, 2020

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This has been a long time coming. As our kids have gotten older and we are more determined to keep a budget. I have to admit the master bedroom came at the bottom of the list in remodels. This room has been a collection of hand me downs and I have been wanting to have an adult bedroom for so long. I think a sanctuary to retreat at night that is functional and uncluttered is important in a bedroom. It is important in every room but especially here. It is a room I can walk into and relax, not feel anxious with a list of to do’s. I honestly think this can interfere with our sleep and productivity.

As a lover of high-end design, I knew that new furniture was out of the question for now. A good place to shop for more affordable options is one of my favorite go to’s. “The outlets”. This pricing is generally lower than even a trade discount. The only problem here is you may sacrifice some quality. The next best option is to thrift a quality antique or vintage piece of furniture and that is just what I did.

Thrifted furniture is often better quality

I am a frequent thrifter and marketplace shopper. Unless you have thousands to spend on a piece you will likely get a better quality piece of old furniture than what is out there these days. When I scrolled upon this 1980 Thomasville 5 piece set for free I was thrilled! Sometimes you get lucky and I hit the jackpot! With some creativity and sweat, I restored these pieces into what one may pay thousands for.

Not only did it take 3 of us to lift these solid wood pieces but two cars and a 2 hour round trip drive to collect all the pieces.

Finished Product

To see the full restoration on this headboard visit my post Vintage Headboard.

Custom Frame

Once this was finished I was able to have my husband build and attach a custom frame. A low profile frame would be great with the headboard and keep with a more modern esthetic. I also wanted an extra bit of room in the frame so that bulky comforters could be tucked into the sides. I may eventually cover it with a linen skirt rather than stain it. My husband didn’t document the DIY on the bedframe but I can always give you some quick instructions. It was simple and was very cost-effective.

  • Build the frame box with 2×4
  • Attach finished post 4×4 in all 4 corners the height you prefer your bed
  • Attach the side panel these are 1×8
  • Use bolts on the corners to secure all the pieces together
  • Lay the rails across the bed and rest them on the 2×4 frame. You will not see them behind your side panels. Secure them in place.
  • Use a post to support the desired height of the bed frame and attach the bed frame to the post.
  • an easier option would be to buy a metal bed frame here.

End Tables and Armoire

In addition to the headboard, I also restored an armoire and end tables. The armoire was inspired by Amber Interiors and has a price tag of over $4000.

Amber Interiors inspired Armoire

I saw the vision and restored my Thomasville armoire to this at zero cost.

This came out better than I expected and I plan to age it in the coming months.

The nightstands were sanded and finished the same as the armoire. I just left these raw with a wax finish. I may eventually stain them but I like the unique difference as I feel it looks more vintage and aged this way.

Inspiration Piece CB2
shop this photo in “Shop the Post in sidebar or


Layers upon Layers of linen beige, gray, and, white make up this color palette. I added just small pops of blue throughout the room with a throw pillow, ottoman, and vintage artwork. The bedding is mostly a collection of Marshall’s finds, Target, and Ikea, and most of it is linked in the slider at the bottom of this post. Yep and all affordable!! You would be surprised what I purchased this bedding for. It is extremely lightweight and comfortable. Our mattress is from Ikea and sits down in the bed nicely so as to not cover the headboard. It makes for a great night’s sleep with a nice gel pad we picked up from Macy’s years ago.

Drapery-no sew

These curtains are simply clipped together for a linen blackout.

Drapery can get costly quick! Linen drapery is all the rage and I have found a much more affordable way to achieve this look for less. If you don’t have the budget for 100% linen then keep reading. Keep in mind, 100% linen will yellow quickly so you must have a liner to protect this organic fabric!

We picked up this rod at a local Home Goods on clearance but Ikea has great affordable options. I honestly cannot link anything else that would be less.

Being that we have large windows and lots of sunlight we needed a curtain that would blackout in the summer. We live in a beach house that doesn’t have air conditioning and this room sits upstairs, talk about heat rising and the setting sun in this window…HOT!

Purchasing a blackout linen curtain would have cost a fortune so I got creative and saved some money. Tuesday Morning has a great selection of linen blend sheer drapery that is long and at a great cost. I purchased both Linens for $20.

I found some for 24.99 and linked them here.

We purchased black out white curtains from Walmart so affordable. Remember the blackout does not need to gather on the floor so keep that in mind and don’t order them too long. When you are using the rings with the clips and don’t want to sew the drapes together you just simply line up the seams and clip them! Simple!

The entire drapery set is priced out around $85 including the rod and rings. “Shop the Post” to find all my sources.

Lamp DIY

This lamp is one of my favorite thrift finds. It’s big and round and was the perfect lamp to achieve my vision affordably. I spray painted it black and performed a dirt rub on it. All the highlights can be found in my Instagram handle as well located at the end of this post or in the sidebar. The custom lamp sells for $1,100 and I was able to achieve the same look including the shade for $30.

Paint Colors

I really do love white. I have painted this bedroom multiple shades of gray and it always leaves me feeling a bit dreary. It’s hard to match certain tones of gray. In other parts of my house, I have used Shoelace by Benjamin Moore. It is a soft white that can look gray in the evening. I decided the bedroom would be bright but not blinding white. I decided to go with one of my favorites, Benjamin Moore Dove White. It has some yellow undertones and pairs perfectly with my off white linen curtains and bedding. This room gets a lot of light so it can handle this color.

Benjamin Moore “Dove White”

As a note, I prepped all of the walls with spackle and a really good washing with TSP.

Sanding rough spots or shiny finish is essential.

In addition to the walls, I decided to really upgrade the look of my room by painting the doors. It made a huge difference I have to say. My all-time favorite gray was a no brainer, Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.

Painting doors is an inexpensive way to elevate a space instantly.

Painting your closet will leave you with a more organized space.

Final Reveal

shop this bedroom at

Well, there you have it, our refresh for under $500. Really closer to $300 because I was able to thrift so many items or find them affordably. If you are patient and take the time to shop you can create a space on a dime that you will want to retreat to. I have linked the other items below and as always reach out here in comments or on IG if you ever have a question! Please subscribe for more affordable rooms and DIY projects on the way.

  • Baskets are from Ross and can be found affordably at most Home Goods but I have linked my inspiration here.
  • Beach art was given to us by a family member.
  • Greenery- fruitless pear cut from my yard
  • Any other bedroom questions or comments reach out below!

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Much Love,


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