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December 19, 2020

I'm Joey, the creator & founder of Beach House for Six. I believe your home should be beautiful, approachable & a true reflection of your family. 

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It’s here! The very first project launch of all the love and hard work that went into this sweet family’s home. My clients are busy photographers that have a unique set up, a business with a loft studio on top! With 3 little kids and one more on the way, this couldn’t be more convenient to complement their busy life. But as it goes with loft spaces square footage is at a minimum. They gave me a lot of freedom in designing the space with only a few request to work around. Keeping the sectional was a must, everything could not be white, and working a reasonable budget. Being a rental we were somewhat limited but you will be surprised how much we transformed the space.

As a mom of four, I knew the needs for functionality around the kids at their age and the importance of maximizing the small space into as many uses as possible. Here is how I turned 650-ish square feet into 6 multi-functional and kid-friendly spaces in their home.

Great Room

Dining DIY Bench

Reading Corner


Built-In Office Nook

Before /Progress Photos

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